Professional Services

Tabbris Consulting

We are a company that provides advisory services, consulting, planning, design, management, supervision, evaluation and management of physical and natural resources and projects in different sectors such as health, environmental, digital, industrial, mining, agricultural, infrastructure and public services with a high degree of social responsibility.

Business Units

Services in the health sector

Advising insurers and providers in the Colombian health system, services such as: audits of medical accounts, implementation of validation grids for Individual Health Service Provision Records (RIPS), implementation of quality processes in the Comprehensive Health Routes, implementation of customer service monitoring platforms, financial optimization and value management, rate referencing studies, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive routes to providers and advice on income assurance.

Socio-environmental Unit

Optimization in public service providers, mainly in the potable water, basic sanitation, and energy sectors. Renewable energy technologies are mixed to implement good saving practices in companies.

Digital Unit

Advice to companies in the management of their digital strategies (websites and social networks). Accompaniment in the creation of organic and paid positioning strategies to achieve brand recognition in digital environments.

Financial Consulting and Investment Banking

We generate value to our clients in their strategic objectives with products based on corporate finance, investment banking, financial and process optimization, raising capital resources, mergers and acquisitions, financial structuring through the capital market (commercial bonds) and equity (sale of shares and asset participation).

Some clients and partners of our work team